You want more value? We have an alternative approach!

There is no doubt that a traditional law firm partner or "uber lawyer“ is an excellent advisor. However, you cannot deny that he/she is not a partner of your business, and you are his/her client. Meanwhile, at Allaw we have a different vision: we choose to work as your in-house counsel, as a part of your business team, cooperating with peers and business partners, yet not perceiving you as “client”. Allaw (abbreviation of AL-ternative Law) means an innovative approach to traditional legal services. At Allaw we have a clear and simple objective: we want to help your business to execute its strategic and tactical objectives. For this, we provide you with a value of our altered business practice that increases efficiency using technology and other innovative practices.

In 2020 Allaw® innovative legal service model for the second year in a row was very highly evaluated by the public, which led us to win the second “Law Service of the Year” award.

Alternative law for your business

Your business' needs

We want to be a partner in your business team and help your business to execute its strategic and tactical objectives in the most effective manner possible.

Being predictable

We provide our services for a fixed subscription fee with a bespoke service level agreement (SLA) that best meets your business needs.


In our AllawSpaces platform, we create collaborative workspaces where teams and knowledge can meet to achieve great things. This way, meeting SLA requirements becomes a breeze.


We deploy best practices to make your business compliant and resilient. Also, we enhance your business consistency and serve as a driver of change and innovation.


What daily complexities of growing a business do you face?

As CEO, CFO, or another kind of chief officer you are faced with the daily complexities of growing a business. One of the questions that arise is "should I add additional specific expertise to my team?" Companies and corporate legal departments turn to Allaw managed legal and compliance services to handle their routine work, regulatory or business, and organizational change projects in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. By applying technology-based knowledge in our company and adopting managed legal services approach we are intending to be an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, have access to skills, and address issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk.

Why managed legal services?

Managed legal service delivers you predictable pricing and the freedom to focus on core business concerns rather than managing day-to-day legal issues, including interactions and communication with outside legal counsel. All our managed legal service plans include service level agreement (SLA) that sets out in advance provided services, response, and request resolution time-frame. By retaining us you employ measurable, repeatable legal processes and enable your company to insert predictability into your organization which transforms into reduced costs, higher employee efficiency, and a general boost in productivity.

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Entire team of dedicated business lawyers

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from 1920/monthly

Entire team of dedicated & managed business lawyers at your disposal, for less money

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Price Match
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Request management platform
  • Team collaboration platform

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General or legal counsel for your team

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from 425/monthly

Cost effective way of managing routine legal work

  • For small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Price Match
  • On-site and virtual service
  • Request management platform
  • Client & Document Portal

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GDPR compliance and controlled risk exposure

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from 319/monthly

Dedicated support from a qualified DPO

  • Suitable for any size enterprises
  • On-site and virtual service
  • Reporting
  • Request management platform
  • GDPR Compliance Portal & E-learning

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