Allaw started to provide Whistleblowing compliance services

Since April 2, 2019 Allaw, Managed Legal Services department of Juridicon started to provide Whistleblowing Compliance Services. Using our whistleblowing system we help small and medium businesses to: Ensure legal compliance Reduce reputational risks & costs Like all our Managed Legal Services, Whistleblowing compliance ... Read More »

12th Mar 2019
Managed legal services as approach of adapting to clients' changing needs

In order to provide the best experience to our clients we try to be aware of the newest advances in the field of technology. Since 2009 we were the first law firm in Lithuania to give clients an opportunity to submit and manage their requests online; this innovation could probably be considered as beginning of Lawtech in Lithuania. This year ... Read More »

17th Jan 2018
Proactive legal services and risk assessment for ALLAW clients

Launch of We are pleased to announce that has been launched. is a new website developed by the Juridicon and designed to provide proactive legal services based on proactive risk assessment for businesses in Lithuania. This is a new approach to the provision of legal services in Lithuania, as ... Read More »

27th Dec 2017