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Legal Department as a Service Allaw is a unique legal service model that provides access to legal services for as long as necessary, as well as to a team of qualified, business-savvy lawyers that are always there, when it is needed. All of that and even more for only a fixed subscription fee. Legal Department as a Service Allaw is a seamless technology and knowledge-based external legal department that acts as if it a part of the business itself, helping to ensure good governance, risk management and legal compliance within the company.

When you are considering providers of legal services, efficiency, innovation and technologies matter most.

Why should we be on your legal service providers’ list?
Legal Department as a Service Allaw has the relevant experience in providing innovative legal services for various organizations, we pay special attention to the needs of our clients and we provide them with the support and technologies that they demand.

A set standard and an organized approach to
legal service requests.

In order to avoid inconvenience and inefficiency while sorting, tracking and managing requests for legal service provision, it is necessary to establish a clear, consistent process that will help to manage legal intake, efficiently track and assign service requests. Allaw has already established a standardized process of collaboration for its team members and clients. This ensures that the workflow is conducted in the most efficient manner possible, more specifically that the appropriate resource are appointed to the relevant projects and the clients are able to receive updates at any time convenient for them.

Empower your business by focusing on high-value work.

Allaw provides your organization with an opportunity to access legal know-hows, playbooks, checklists, if necessary, receive guidance and access other knowledge assets in one place. Our self-service portal will help your team to spend their work wisely as they will be able to retain their focus on strategically important activities.

Use the benefits of document automation: create your own legal documents.

Allaw is able to generate preapproved, standard legal documents; therefore, there is no need for your lawyers to engage in routine contract drafting. By using Allaw document automation, you will be able to involve your lawyers in more strategically valuable activities and avoid the possibility of occurrence of a human error in standard legal documentation.

Improve response time, complete the your work cycle faster.

Despite the fact that the legal department is often perceived as an obstacle on the way to higher business value and results, Allaw is able to debunk this stereotype by delivering essential legal services more quickly and efficiently. This will enable your legal department to contribute to the value creation process of your organization in a more active and efficient manner.

Our Legal Department as a Service features

Expertise and Experience

All our lawyers are experts in the areas specified and have more than 10 years of experience.


With LegalDesk you can easily manage every aspect of your legal services. From submitting your requests and viewing them to giving your feedback.


LegalSpaces is a portal, where all your legal documents that we manage are hosted. You and your colleagues can anytime access all the necessary documents.

Risk log

All of our managed legal services accounts come with risk log with register of all risks identified, assesed in your organisation.

Easy client intake

You can become our client very easily, just by completing our online questionaire.


All of our plans include strict confidentiality of client’s information. Access to client’s information is allowed only to direct managed legal service provider.


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