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ALLAW Data Protection Officer awarded as Legal Service of the Year, 2020

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The ALLAW Data Protection Officer service, presented to businesses at the start of this year, won the “Legal Service of the Year” award from the Lithuanian Business Confederation (LVK). It takes the appointment of a Data Protection Officer for businesses and organisations in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) one step further. Thanks to the GDPR Compliance Portal and its smart features, by combining Lawtech, LegalTech, and RegTech (use of technology and software to provide legal and/or financial services), project management and expertise, the service ensures the smooth operation of the Data Protection Officer and benefits the companies, institutions and organisations as well as their employees.

Easier compliance with GDPR requirements

The innovative service is tailored for business and public sector clients seeking to hire an external Data Protection Officer and reduce their costs for data protection and receive a high-quality, cost-effective solution. The service, which at the beginning of the year was set up to reduce the workload of employees of companies and organisations in the field of personal data protection, helping to avoid human errors and ensuring real rather than formal compliance with GDPR requirements, did not take long to receive positive customer feedback. Less than half a year after the launch of the service, one of its users, a leader in the passenger transportation sector, acknowledged that Juridicon, UAB is “a competent team in the field of personal data protection applying modern service and collaboration technologies that make work fast and clear.”

The GDPR Compliance Portal was created through design thinking and legal design, which make the complex personal data protection requirements simpler. According to another client, this enables immediate reaction to events, within seconds, no need to wait for documents. According to Mr Marcinkevičius, the founder of the service, “I’m glad that companies and institutions value the possibility of obtaining personalised assistance from a Data Protection Officer through the one-stop-shop principle, making decisions faster, and facilitating compliance with risk management and ensuring verifiability”.

ALLAW Data Protection Officer extends an invitation to join the GDPR compliance journey

Long-term collaboration in providing legal services to businesses has shown that most corporate executives want more input from their lawyer and oversight of the process in which they are involved. They want a collaborative relationship with both their in-house lawyer and the Data Protection Officer. According to lawyer Mr Marcinkevičius, by creating Allaw’s services, we shift from simply communicating with the client to cooperating with them, creating a common journey through processes with separate steps, like a board game with starting and ending points. “For example, as soon as you log in to the GDPR compliance portal, the customer can see a visual report of their company’s or institution’s compliance with the GDPR requirements and, as if looking at a ‘map’ from a bird’s eye view, appreciate how to achieve a better result,” says Mr Marcinkevičius. The virtual ALLAW space allows internal teams from organisations to cooperate with an external Data Protection Officer or members of their team, and to exchange information, documents and knowledge easily.

Juridicon, which provides ALLAW services, by winning the Legal Service of the Year award for the second year in a row, proves that it has a different vision from that of traditional legal service providers. The development of innovative services only further confirms the goal of this company – which stands out due to its knowledge, advanced technology and modern method of managed legal services – to be a partner, not just a service provider.

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