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Alternative legal service provider

Service provider in order to satisfy the particular needs of a client

Nowadays technologies definitely have occupied a decent part of our daily life. It already seems so natural and very convenient to order various products and services online, as it saves time and in some cases even money. Legal services are not an exception; regardless of their nature, “legal services” are comprised of two key words: “legal”, which indicates the field and the nature of the assistance provided, and “service”, which refers to the activities performed by a service provider in order to satisfy the particular needs of a client.

Proactive legal service provision model

Currently, the business industry requires a more proactive legal service provision model. Because the number of potential legal risks is increasing, it is of great importance to be able to prevent them from escalating into serious legal problems in the future. Therefore, more and more businesses have come to release the importance and value of continuous legal assistance on demand, for example risk management as a legal service.

Continuous legal assistance on demand

Provision of legal services on a subscription basis allows subscribers to enjoy continuous legal assistance on demand, which provides subscribers with the following benefits:

  • Stability: there is no need to hire a new lawyer every time a legal issue occurs; moreover, hiring a new lawyer and having to explain all of the business nuances that must be taken into consideration each time is very impractical;
  • Guaranteed assistance and access to legal support: assured quick assistance to specific legal questions;
  • Supervision and control: subscribers have the ability to supervise and be in control of their legal expenses;
  • Timely and effective work distribution: avoids wasted effort and unnecessary paperwork, also reduces expenses and saves time;
  • Convenient appointment scheduling: there is no need to travel to a specific place in order to receive a consultation, if the client is comfortable with having the consultation online, no office visiting inconveniences;
  • Access to documents and forms: easy access to legal documents and other forms.
  • Reliability: due to managed legal services approach subscribers know what to expect quality-wise;
  • Complete transparency of pricing: appropriate solution are delivered for a proportionate price on a regular and predictable payment basis;
  • Individual approach: there is an opportunity to choose a Legal Plan, based on the specific needs of a business;
  • Continuous improvement of legal service provision: legal service provision is being constantly improved “on the spot”, based on the feedback submitted by clients;

Fast response to business legal needs

Businesses tend to more frequently require a fast response to their legal needs; therefore, they are looking for legal assistance that would be available at their fingertips. With the wide acceptance of online services, it is now possible to purchase legal services online. The concept of paying monthly fees for services is a very convenient solution as it insures constant support and reduces the overall amount of legal expenses.

Legal Services Plans

Our subscription-based legal service provides its subscribers with an ablity to select a Legal Plan, depending on their individual needs. Currently, Allaw® provides the following options:

  • Minimum legal assistance: a Legal Plan for those, who do not require constant legal assistance; however, anticipate the need for a not very complicated legal assistance (legal consultation, legal agreement or contract drafting, etc.) on a monthly basis;
  • A constant need for legal support: a Legal Plan for those, who are planning to hire a lawyer for their company or companies as they believe that a legal consultation online is not always sufficient. They require a systematic management of potential legal risks and would like to receive legal services on a permanent weekly basis, including regular legal consultation (sometimes tête-à-tête), document review, etc. This plans includes Addon – Virtual lawyer;
  • Advanced legal support: a Legal Plan for those, who would like to receive advanced legal support: specialized legal knowledge in a particular field, in combination with a quick and effective legal risk management, as well as be advised on external legal services purchases and management of a legal department;This plans also includes Addon – Virtual lawyer

Regardless of the chosen Legal Plan, all subscribed to the Allaw subscription-based legal service will be provided with their own LegalDesk, Client Portal, where they would be able to schedule appointments or request consultations online, upload and download documents, and make payments for the selected services. Allaw is an alternative to the traditional way of legal service provision, it is a subscription-based managed legal services that provides its clients with a flexible, more comfortable and a cost-efficient way of enjoying legal services.

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