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Alternative legal service provider

Allaw® is an alternative legal service provider in Lithuania, which is dedicated to provide managed legal and compliance services. The name of our brand Allaw® (Al-ternative law) is not coincidental as it is based on our pursued objective: to provide clients with an alternative to traditional legal services, which would not only give efficient legal support, but also ensure smooth and consistent collaboration on our platform.

Our alternative approach

Our alternative approach is based on the following pillars:

  • clients’ needs: we perceive clients’ satisfaction as our main goal;
  • price prediction due to subscriber-basis legal services;
  • proactive legal services, ensuring clients’ legal compliance and risk management;
  • clients’ involvement: the clients are able to choose the level of their involvement in a legal project or continuous legal services, they are able to “leave it all to the “professionals”, or to “be there at every step of the way”, monitoring, altering and providing feedback;
  • technology, as it ensures fast and efficient communication, allows to alter tasks while they are in progress and automatic document generation; a Legal Desk, a Document Portal, a Client Portal and LegalSpaces;
  • specialization, and better client‘s experience in procuring and getting legal services. Being an in-house department of Juridicon, a law firm in Lithuania, having more than 23 years of legal experience, for our clients we provide “brand security” that derives from long, deep-rooted relationships with our corporate clients.

Higher levels of productivity

Considering the fact that the business industry in general is now more than ever “buried in paperwork”, studies show that not only the number of compliance requirements is increasing, but also other simple business activities require a ridiculous amount of paperwork. Therefore, the need to find an alternative solution in order to achieve higher levels of productivity or at least not to be lagging behind, has already been recognized amongst most businesses.

Combination of expertise, innovation and flexibility

Our legal services is a combination of expertise, innovation and flexibility. We offer speed without any damage to the quality of services. We have a long history of providing legal services to businesses; therefore, we are quite familiar with the market, trends and we are able to foresee the potential risks. We even have developed a platform ( for businesses dedicated to potential risk assessment and their prevention. There is no better way to know what are the clients’ needs and expectations than to hear it directly from them, that is why we always analyze the feedback received from our clients carefully; based on that we have established a Document Portal, a Client Portal and LegalSpaces for our clients. In 2009 we were ranked among Lithuania’s 14 leading companies at the Knowledge Economy Companies Awards and have continued to develop and to improve every year since; Allaw® is our newest achievement, it is a brand that you can rely on for all of your corporate legal services.

The main advantages that make Allaw® a good alternative

The main advantages that make Allaw® an alternative to traditional legal services are the following:

  • Reduction of internal contracting and other document preparation costs;
  • Increase in speed of document drafting and submission;
  • Adaptation of the product to the needs of the clients;
  • Integration of LawTech;
  • Reduction of the amount of inefficient paper-heavy procedures.
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