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Below we dive into what Managed Legal Services actually are, along with their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make the best decision for your business.

What are Managed Legal Services?

Allaw® (abbreviation of AL-ternative Law) is our in-house alternative for a traditional legal service provider. It is a platform, dedicated to provide Managed Legal Services to businesses in Lithuania. Allaw, managed by professional managers and using modern technology helps proactively outsource legal resources, improve operations and reduce expenses. The provision of Managed Legal Service in the legal industry is a fairly new approach, yet absolutely new in Lithuania, which is designed to satisfy clients’ needs in a more efficient way by putting their priorities first. Basically, it means that Allaw is dedicated to provide specific requested services on the client’s demand and  charges the client only for the actual services performed, which means that the client avoids unnecessary expenses.

Why Use Managed Legal Services?

Managed Legal Services approach is a unique legal service solution that allows for scalable resource use, and flexible pricing, all while getting very high levels of legal processes performance. Essentially managed legal services are the equivalent of having a legal department at your disposal.

One of the highlights of this approach is the client’s ability to supervise and manage the ongoing legal tasks, projects, etc., while there are being executed, which means that the client is able to alter the project at any time. This also creates absolute transparency and flexibility in regard of the project in question, which allows to adjust the project to needs of the client at any stage of its execution. Also, it should be noted, that the client is able to monitor everything remotely.

Considering the fact that the higher the number of challenges that the business might encounter, the effort, resources and time need to manage everything is not the main issue. Problems arise when changes occur; therefore, it is of crucial importance to foresee the potential problems and to resolve them beforehand. This translates into taking proactive measures in order to reduce the number of potential legal issues that the client could encounter.

These services provide the client with a proactive support, which means a focus on risk identification, analysis and prevention. The best legal resources, experienced legal project management and the best LegalTech innovation provide for proficiency and efficiency in assuring clients’ satisfaction.

Allaw® Managed Legal Services include, but are not limited to

Managed Legal Services vs Legal Services: what is the difference

It is easy to simply state that Allaw® is better than its traditional alternative – Legal Services, but what does better actually mean? Better refers to the following features:

  • Simpler. Minimum effort on the part of the client and very easy billing procedure.
  • Convenient. Clients are able to adjust the services to their need at any stage of the process;
  • Clearer. All the process are transparent and could be monitored by the client at any time;
  • Quicker. The appropriate resources are appointment in the shortest time span.
  • Efficient. Services designed to achieve business goals, with a strong focus on the clients’ priorities.
  • Higher quality. Legal professionals are appointed based on their area of expertise.
  • Legal cost certainty – client can be in control of his monthly legal spending through our subscription based services.
  • Lower price. Efficient task management and division by area of expertise, results in less working hours and avoids unnecessary red tape.
  • Up-to-date. The use of modern technologies ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of legal information.
  • Proactive support. Identification and prevention of potential legal risks helps to protect the client from legal issues in the future.

Allaw® was developed based on our experience and knowledge of the clients’ needs and expectations, as well as our desire to appropriate our legal resources in the most efficient matter in order to provide the best quality of service to our clients.

Our Managed Legal Services are designed to find the fastest, most effective way to achieve your business objectives, while being able to provide services at a reasonable price by successfully managing resources and assessing the risks involved.

Allaw® crosses the line between legal and business, this way providing the better of two worlds to the client. By using Allaw®, you will be able to take the shortcut to successfully reaching your business objective and ensuring your business continuity.

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